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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Health Care debate

"The Admiral" didn't mind my getting close...but he kept his wings shut tight. (Yeah, I know, the flutter-bye has nothing to do with health care reform, but ain't he pur-ty? It just feels healthy knowing these little guys exist!)

Bill Moyer's once again is timely, he did a repeat of the Wendell Potter interview last night on PBS...Potter is a former insurance company executive (Cigna), he drank the corporate Kool-aid and felt that what they were doing was right...well, in spite of that, he has seen the light about what is wrong with our nations health care system...his conversion is interesting. I'm providing a link to the Bill Moyer's Journal website...check it out, please...and pass it on...



Pat said...

I watched your Mr Potter and Bill Moyers on Sunday. You like how I said "your" Mr Potter and that Bill Moyers is all of our friends? anyway, I was very impressed and sent it to a number of people. I thought Hillary Clinton should be elected to sainthood for standing up in front of Congress with that HealthCare card. You could just feel the hostility in her audience. I stood up and cheered her. But we are yet to see any forward movement. I have been waiting for many long years. I was one of those people after my divorce. I couldn't afford health coverage and it was a bit scary.

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

It's scary even when you have group health care coverage through an employer...they can still deny coverage for a necessary test (like the MRI I needed for my lower back last November, if they had ok'd it, the doctor would've found that "bulge" in my lower back sooner, instead of in March after more damage was done, and more pain. I also worry about my son not getting a job with benefits once he's on his own once he's done with school and goes off our insurance. Then what? Hope for the best, or pay through the nose for Cobra (nearly $400 a month, it's outrageous!)