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Monday, July 25, 2011


Slate, 7/20/2011

Wall and Sky, 7/21/2011

Discarded weeds, 7/23/2011

Discarded weeds, 7/23/2011

A Flutter-bye, 7/23/2011

Leaf in shadow, 7/23/2011

Summer Lilies, 7/23/2011

"J", rusted metal found by my Fred along the railroad tracks, 7/24/2011

A collection of railroad spikes (also found by my Fred), 7/24/2011 (The shadows are SOOOO COOL!)
 It's been wicked hot here, as it's been everywhere else it seems, I heard we hit a record of sorts, 100 on Thursday, which is highly unusual for Upstate New York...the sky has been a brilliant blue for many days, we got some rain today, but it's been too long coming...
Opening Night at Szozda Gallery, 7/22/2011

My Fred and I had an opening of our exhibition on Friday...more pics n' details at my art blog Follow Your Bliss...

I spent much of the weekend photographing things, looking at everything, reading and making a few changes to a chapter or two in Fishbowl,  and napping (nothing finer than falling asleep in a comfy chair on a breezy porch on a hot day)...I've had a busy week full of many accomplishments at work and personally, and through much of it I struggled with the FMS trash-compactor feeling...yeah, that's the best way to describe the wretched overall 'I feel like shit' feeling that I get from time to time, it's a warning that I need to slow down. So in spite of all of this wonderful stuff happening, I can still feel like shit and get through it with a smile. I think I can do this as long as what I'm doing is making me happy, that's all I can say...my art, my writing, my photos, my garden, my Fred, our son, my five cats and one dog named Max keep me going no matter how shitty I feel.

detail of one of my paintings, Evening, Blue and Gold, 2010-2011, acrylic on watercolor canvas, 24 x 18 inches

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