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Monday, January 17, 2011

A long weekend...

Shadows, Concrete, Vines and Weeds, 12/30/2010

Ice, 12/30/2010

The Shed Door, 12/30/2010
Crow Tracks, 12/30/2010

Black Dog with Face in Snow, 12/30/2010

It's been a long weekend...but good! I've been spending it quietly, resting mostly because of my latest lingering flareup refuses to settle down, I've been writing a little, tinkering with photos, and have been mesmerized by the bitty kitty we adopted on Friday afternoon...our son called me at work at about 2PM "Mom..." (I knew by the tone this was going to be a special conversation) "...someone found a kitten keeping warm on a car engine, is it okay if..." (Okay? Of course it's okay! I've been looking for a kitten and knew one would come our way...they always do...and so, this little scrawny baby, probably about 8-10 weeks old, very hungry and cold, but so far healthy and super sweet has come to live with us...I think I've spent more time just looking at this little cat, marveling over his littleness, cuteness, a bitty life just starting out, a whole story unknown prior to our meeting, questions of how did he come to be in a parking lot on campus, keeping warm on a car engine, and why in the world is he outside in this cruel cold weather? Who knows. So I hold him in my lap, study his beautiful fur pattern...meditating on a name, post it notes stuck to the dining room table as possible names come to mind...Marbles, Marley (as in Bob Marley), Dewey, Louie, Tommy Ginger, Carrot Tail, Wally Walnut, Stinker (he does have deadly gas, typical for a weanling on new food), Peanut, Nutmeg, Marmalade...and then Butters...Walter I tossed in last, but not all of us agree on that, Butters seems to stick, and he responds to it...must be the right intonation that he likes about it...he's in my lap now and wants to "help"...passing out kitty kisses and purring his heart out...

Butters in the baby basket, 1/16/2011
So far, so good...not too much hissing, just the occasional bottle-brush tail...Charlie is jealous (he's been "the baby" for 7 years, so this is natural.) Tiggy-Pooh isn't too thrilled either, but Willy Big and Fatty Woo are accepting. Max has yet to gain the little ones seal of approval...the poor dog, he's excited about having a new bitty (his ears are so perked they just about pop off his head), but the bitty is not excited about him (yet) these things take time (Butters hisses at him, Max becomes sad, everything droops and he walks away, tail down, ears down...so I go love him up.) Most of the time he's baby quiet, sleeping a lot, and he explores, running low to the ground...hiding under chairs and tables (the way his mommy taught him)...I've kitten proofed the places that would be bad...he's gathering dust balls...I think he's going to be a semi-fluffy cat, ruffled...
Warm by the fire, 1/17/2011
Little guy in the middle of two big guys! (The Warmest Place in the House!)

We're glad to have taken him in...it just hurts my heart thinking this little guy wouldn't have survived this long weekend if someone hadn't noticed him climbing up inside that car...

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Barry said...

UG - look like one relaxed little guy. B