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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Snow...

Sunset Snow, 12/8/2010  
I'm embracing this wintry weather through my camera (which I do every year)...and as Grandma Moses put it "everyone knows that snow sparkles with the sunshine on it"...and at sunset it  picks up such pretty colors! (shot with my old camera) The snow weary CNY Upstate area saw the sun for the first time in several days, but more snow on the way tonight! They say some places might receive an inch or more an hour in the more intense bands of lake effect snow showers...great...lake. (Thanks!) Just out there with the dog a few minutes ago...the stars are out and it's bitter burrrrr cold! Looking at the radar on the NOAA website, the snow is north of the NYS Thruway above Syracuse...but we're all prepared for it to show up anywhere at anytime, it's random like that...keeps life interesting!

Our chairs on the patio...two days ago...they're nearly gone now, the snow has drifted around them. (I love the old-time feel of this image!) I took the photo through my dining room window at twilight Monday night using my new camera.

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Patry Francis said...

Your sunset snow is stunning! I'm hoping to see some here soon, but we can't count on it on the Cape.

Sending good thoughts and love to you and Fred!