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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Another Trip Around the Sun...

Lake Ontario, the View from Chimney Bluffs
  I recently celebrated my 55th trip around the sun...otherwise known as my birthday. It was a happy one, my Fred surprised me with a trip to one of my favorite places in the world, Lake Ontario...specifically, Chimney Bluffs. I was born in Lyons, NY so Sunday drives with the family often brought us to the cobblestone beaches of the big lake. Our weather is often dictated by this lake...in winter it's the Lake Effect snow, even rain falls into this special steady category...our persistent gray clouds, great ethereal boulders that tumble overhead, or the layered sedimentary slate stratus. This lake is special to me.
Me at Lake Ontario, c. 1969
Chimney Bluffs.They have eroded quite a bit since I last saw them...still spectacular.
Beach Stones, their colors and shapes are so beautiful to me.

The Wave
 It was such a treat to be at the Lake and hear its voice again, I can't explain it, but it's one of those places that makes me extremely happy. One of those things I have no words for...

Beach Stones
Beach Stones
Beach Stones and Driftwood


Beach Bones
Then at the top of the bluffs, the woods...and the wildflowers...oh the Trillium and Jack-in the-Pulpits were beautiful! I haven't seen Jacks in a very long time.

The Stars in the Forest

Jack in the Pulpit
Jack in the Pulpit
The specially marked beach stones. I love finding these, and will get my feet wet fetching them out of the waves!

I had such a lovely day.

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