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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Donkey's Tale...

I adopted Eeyore from EBay the week before Christmas...
but he didn't have a tail...so I knew that he'd have a hard time finding a forever home... He effectively breaks my heart every day...I love him!

Poor sweet fellow...I assured his previous owner that I would take very good care of him and make him a new tail...

 When he arrived in my mailbox that cold winter day the week before Christmas, I promised that I'd make him a new tail...a finer tail than he's ever had...

I asked him if he would like to stick with a pink bow, cuz now would be the time to make a change if he so desired...he seemed uneasy about change, so I didn't want to fool with his comfort zone, and found a pink bow that was just right. The one thing I improved on was adding a button...I guess Christopher Robin never thought of securing the tail with something better than that dumb old tack.

 A few quick stitches and it was on!

The moment of truth...does he like it?

That's one happy donkey!

Eeyore gets a new forever home and a new tail...


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