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Sunday, May 26, 2013

A few pictures of things I've seen lately...

The Pale Leaf

I've been reading a lot, looking through the camera lens a lot, drawing a bit, not painting much...

The dumpster
...editing my manuscript Drinking from the Fishbowl after sufficient time away from it to review what I've done to it...slowly, chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence, it will get done...I've had many ask me "when..." but I cannot answer when I will finish it...all in due time, I guess. Whenever I become anxious to finish so that I can move on to the next one, I calm myself...I want this one to be right, I cannot hurry through, muck it up because of self-imposed or external pressure...it is coming along...just when I think it is not any good, I read it and know that it is how it's supposed to be, how I envisioned it.

The lilacs in the dooryard bloomed and are fading...I almost forgot to mention...there was snow in the air on Friday (5/24)...it didn't stick, it was just in the air...before that on Tuesday, (5/21) we were in the midst of the Tornado Warning area of a bad storm (such things are rare in Upstate NY)... we did spy funnel clouds, but none touched down. Everything's shiny, not to fret. By next weekend we'll be in the 80's nigh 90. Huh.

The piano in my parents basement…no clue how it got down there, and no clue how to get it out without busting it up to pieces, which would be a sad shame, poor old thing…it was well loved by us all growing up in that house all those years...I did attempt to learn how to play, could play some, but I was too much of a squirmy child to sit still long enough to practice and my brother bullied me away from it…after all, he was the musician, not me. I made up my mind then to not be like him…or to listen to his bullshit. Anyway, it was the only house I knew before I left it. It is sad to go through all of our things and have to pick and chose what to keep, what to sell, what to throw away. Each time I visit, I sort through our things, I pack a box or two, yesterday it was my mother’s old Revere Ware tea kettle that I latched onto, I found it in the tall jelly cupboard that I want to haul home eventually.

I think I die a little bit every time I go there...

Hostas in a Cluster

Two of the three baby racoons
The mother of these little baby racoons was hit by a car and killed (I heard the loud bang, the car never slowed down, and I could do nothing for her as she flopped around dying...it was a horrible thing to witness.) When they started fussing a few days later, I kept a pan of water near their little home, I fed them various things (raisins, black berry jam, kitten chow, fancy feast, peanuts, sunflower seeds, water soaked bread.) I called to them, talked to them...they chittered and chortled...just when I brought home some fresh corn on the cob from the store I discovered they already moved on...wee as they are, nature will take care of them as She sees fit...my father used to tell me that I can't save the world all the time...I know he's right.

The Little Monster at Play
Our new acquisition is slowly becoming socialized (him I can save, right Daddy?)...he's mostly happy...give this kitty crinkly paper, string, milk rings and toy mice to play with, he's happy as can be! He hasn't made friends with the rest of the boys yet...tho' he's become nice to the dog. He is full of play, the others will come around eventually because they like to play too and they're cats...all full of curiosity...

Popeye and sunshine
 Popeye is such a sweet kitty, I'm so happy that he has found a home with us...

The barn swallows are back!

Rotten old plywood

My one dog named Max, the best of good boys

My doggy is aging...but happy...I don't know how much more time we have together, but I'm making each day matter, he's downstairs waiting for me right now (no longer able to climb upstairs to stare at me.) I can hear his little doggy-paddle pacing, waiting, anxious to go for another walk...which I will do now...

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Love the lilacs and the dumpster.