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Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving along...

I thought I would post a little something tonight...here's the crew...they keep me entertained...

The three ginger boys...Tiggy-Pooh (the oldest at the top), Butters (the youngest, holding still for once), Popeye (the handsome one-eyed fellow sitting on the floor)
Little old Tiggy Pooh with his buddy Charlie Chowder
I'm down to four tabbies...the house feels odd...not quite empty as the boys are a busy lot, especially Mr. Naughty Mittens, Charlie...

Charlie in a bag
...he's relentless. That bag didn't last long...
Wee Butters when he first came to us, a foundling, I'm so glad he got to know Willy Big and Fatty Woo Hobbes, he took to the old boys right away, and they didn't mind him at all.

Butters sleeping, yet another photo of him holding still, blurry photos of this guy are too common. Butter-Roo is only two, but to look at him...what a pudge!
Popeye...a very big, good-natured fellow, presently the last drop off we received
Crouching Tigger-Hidden Pooh at age 14 (he turns 15 in April) the last of the original barn kittens, Litter of 1998.

Tiggy-Pooh has been mourning, the drooping tail is slowly coming up again...he misses Fatty Woo Hobbes and Willy Big, they've been buddies and brothers for a lot of years, he needs time...and I hope he has plenty of more time!

The best of Good Boys Max, the snow bunny
This old dog, now 13 years old, has been this girl's best friend since he was two, and it makes me like snow a little more because he loves it so much, even tho' arthritis is slowing him down, he still makes snow angels and slides down the driveway on his side. Silly dog. (I hope he will stay healthy and happy for a little longer!)
Me and my shadow dog
 So, that's them...the fuzzy-face crew...

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