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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Altered Environments

Opens tomorrow, 10/10/2012- 
reception on Friday night 10/12/2012!!

I've been pretty busy painting for the last couple of weeks...and I did battle with a very annoying cold that was a bit of a head-ringer...but I'm getting better every day...naturally I had an FMS flare-up at the same time, so that was so DANDY! (Oh, wait, you don't feel shitty enough, here...let's turn on the "trash compactor" and see what happens...ARGH!)

Nothing like napping and taking hot baths whenever I felt like it for a few days...

After this flurry of creativity to prepare paintings for this new exhibition (take a peek over at Follow Your Bliss to see the paintings I've made recently), I'm looking forward to a little bit of down time so I can get back to editing Drinking from the Fishbowl...it seems I need to back track a few chapters to regain my focus...which is okay, I did a little bit more work on chapter 18 last week so I'm very happy to go back and take another look at what I've done so far and hopefully tickle a few words here and there to my satisfaction...

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