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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Fractured Hues of White Light

Now available on Kindle...

I've dragged my feet getting it on there...how come, you ask? Well, sometimes I just have to set my mind to it and do it. I'm in that rare down time from working on a manuscript, so I spent time on my vacation a week ago last week reading the paperback and making updates for the Kindle edition...eventually, these updates will be transferred into the paperback edition, but I will need to set time with my Fred for that later (I'm clueless about InDesign.) I've updated the Nook version too, so that's all set as well...

This book is one of those "big books"...meaning it is a bit heavy reading (what me write a "heavy book"? Noooooo, really?) Yes, really...in spite of the bright yellow cover, it is a dark book...yellow is Samantha Ryder's favorite color, and the color yellow has significance throughout the book...from the color of a beach umbrella to a bouquet of flowers. (The cover image is one of my little paintings, Walking on the Sun.)

After revisiting it these recent weeks reminded me what I loved about it, and it felt good to revisit those characters again - I felt energized, which I've needed for a long time. So in spite of the tedious fussing with making a table of contents and making sure the spacing was right, page breaks where they needed to be, and making sure what was italicized in the paperback was still italicized in the digital...a lot of fuss and such trying to create a digital file that will somewhat "read" like the paperback, but it's done, and I'm fairly happy about the result.


The Fractured Hues of White Light is a literary fiction novel about an emotional journey that explores love, who we love and why we love them. Mother, father, daughter, siblings, lovers, spouses, and friends; it’s all love in some form. It is a story about Samantha Ryder, a young, high-functioning autistic woman who is an artist; it is because of her handicap that she often fails to articulate her emotions with an appropriate demonstration, so the complex emotion of love is an enigma. Ironically, the ‘normal people’ who surround her are just as incapable of communicating their feelings, creating a sense of isolation full of things left unsaid. It's a love story.

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