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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

A photo of my daddy as a young man...what a handsome sailor! I always loved this photo of him, he was just about 18 years old, it was 1945, WWII was winding down by the time he shipped out, yet there were still things going on around the world to keep busy. He was on the aircraft carrier the USS Makin Island heading to Shanghai as part of the Magic Carpet operation...a rescue mission. (He worked in the boiler room.) The aircraft carrier was converted to carry people, not planes...about 1000 bunks were added to accommodate the people coming on board.

I'm on my way to visit with my daddy today...he time travels mostly now, but his stories about his time on the ship and time in Shanghai come up now and then. He always loved telling a good story, I wish he had written them down...and I wish I had too... it's never to late to start.

Happy Father's Day!

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