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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Sunday in April...



Lots of photos...focusing on the debris on the ground mostly...

I've finally recovered from the flu that I started off the month with, any lingering sinus related nonsense I'm attributing to allergies since the trees are leafing out in abundance. The weather is being flighty again, back to cold, we were in the 70's and touching 80 again just a couple of days ago so my body is irked with the inconsistency. Not much to be done about it, I do my best to go with the flow.
The weeping cherry tree at my parents house, Lyons, NY
The editing of Drinking from the Fishbowl is coming along, I'm nearly done with another chapter...I'll work on this one until I can read it without changing a thing, then leave it aside to read it again to make sure it is the way I want it and that it works with the chapters around it...it's the way it goes...novels aren't the easiest things to deal with, at times I feel overwhelmed by their size and complexity. In spite of that, I am very happy with how this one is maturing over these last few weeks, I feel like I've come back around in my focus at last.

Max, the best of good boys!

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