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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of Year

Rust 12/24/2011
 It's been a long, strange year...with all the good that I experienced, I dealt with the bad...the loss of my mother being the defining moment...one thing I've learned out of this, the deeper the sadness, the greater the beauty.

 My digital sketchbook is so chock full of beauty...I'm having trouble keeping up with what I find to photograph...
Hoar Frost Morning

Hoar Frost

Viola Leaf on Stone
My camera has lingered in the garden, photographing the decay of leaves, their paper thin skins lying on the barren surfaces of stones...
Snow Covered Dirt Road 12/24/2011
 The trips to visit my father in the nursing home take us past places of interest, and I'm always finding something along the way...
Hook and Cable 12/24/2011

Electric Plastic Santa Light, 12/24/2011
 Yes, Santa came and left presents...including a nice dusting of snow on our hilltop acre while folks down the hill had none...it was pretty nice having an exclusive white Christmas...
Snow Morning

Popeye Two Months Later...
 Popeye has been a bright yellow tabby spot these last two months... he's a special little guy...I guess he came when I needed him, and when he needed us...he's settled in and is happy and healthy, he loves napping on the "people bed" with his buddy Butters and the two new additions to our family who came to us this year enjoyed their first Christmas in their new home. (They are just as spoiled at the rest of them!)

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Ben said...

Hey Laura,

I wish you a better 2012, sheltered from sadness, disease and death and empowered by a sense of purpose and a lot of success! I haven't commented a lot, but I've been reading your blog for long. Keep your head up, the storm is over and good things are ahead.