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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Arrangement on stone 5/22/2011

Scars, found field stone, 5/31/2011

Hosta, 5/31/2011

Lace and Spikes, leaf and burrs, 5/31/2011

Old Paint, 5/31/2011

The Red Stripe, field stone, 5/31/2011
I've been on a long vacation, one of the benefits for working at one place for over 25 years is having an accumulation of days off to use or lose by the end of the fiscal year...I always have too many left over (not that I'm complaining)...this has been the perfect time to be off, the weather has been summer-like...well, until today, it's zipped back to spring so we're dipped into the 50's and breezy, actually feels like fall...weird.

My camera has been busy with finding things, I've uploaded hundreds of photos and have yet to go through all of them so I thought I'd post what I have found so far...

The Old Grind Stone, 6/1/2011

Abstraction, Field Stone, 6/1/2011

I've been spending lots of quiet time these days, much of it writing, my editing of Drinking From the Fishbowl is coming along, I'm passing through Part III, doing more tweaking to places here and there that felt a little bit at loose ends...I'm on that self-doubt see-saw again, you see. I do know it's a good story, but there's that uncertainty that goes along with that...it's a tug o' war. It is chock full of dreams and realities, all of it tightly linked within itself, and also bound with the other two novels that I've published so far and the one's that are not yet finished...it's  been a long journey writing these books of mine, and I've loved every minute of it...it has felt good these last few days, sitting on my porch, enjoying the breeze on a hot day, working on words, being immersed in that other place where I go to write, I've been having a hard time getting there this past year since I finished The Fractured Hues of White Light, I have felt quite wrung out and needed to take it easy, but every visit to Fishbowl bolsters my confidence, it's coming into its own, I'm nearly finished...I expect that I will continue working on it throughout the summer months, making sure it's right. (It's what I do.)

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