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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From the Garden...

Peony Abstraction
 I've been busy editing Fishbowl and painting up a storm in preparation for an art show at Szozda Gallery, I'm reading a lot too...between the ever growing stack of 'to be read' books that I've found recently and visits to Red Lemonade for quick dips in some extraordinary new work. I'm feeling full to the brim with words...and of course, my garden takes up my spare time, the blooms are coming and going faster than I can enjoy them! I think I go through this bit of despair every year...the peony's are almost all done, and they were giant blooms, but of course, no sooner do they open, the rain comes and beats the snot out of the poor things...and once you pick one, they drop their petals by the next day...all done for another year, already.

Peony portrait
Fragment, Moth Wing


Collage of debris

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Katie Elizabeth said...

Great photo! You have a very unique look in your photography :)

xo katie elizabeth