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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring debris collages...

Pale Lace, 4/9/2011

Layers, 4/9/2011

Grace #2, 4/9/2011

Grace #1, 4/9/2011

Collage, 4/10/2011

Dried Grass, 4/9/2011

Feather and Burdock, 4/9/2011

Overlap, Pale Leaves, 4/9/2011
I'm still focusing my camera's lens on the leftover debris on the ground, I can't help it...but this is what sings for me at the moment...

It was a busy week...we were on TV Monday to promote the CNY Art Showcase...it was awesome and awful at the same time, hard to explain, but one becomes grateful for having grace under fire. It was what I expected and yet not, but overall it was a good experience. The auction itself went off on Friday, and again, another good experience, we met more local artists (some new to the fundraiser), and it was nice to see people excited about the art, and it's nice to see it all together in one room...and it pleased me to see my drawing, Lumina #2 go to a young woman who seemed very pleased with her acquisition...it was sweet, her smile was priceless. I didn't get to meet the person who acquired my photo of the rose, I thought I saw it go out the door under the arm of a gentleman buyer...

I'm glad we've gotten past this busy time and I'm looking forward to some down time, I need to get back to a rhythm of life that encourages creativity...with the warmer weather coming in, I'll spend time sitting in my favorite porch sitting chair with my manuscript of Fishbowl, read, edit, rewrite, and get it ready to publish...and of course, working in my garden is the place where I do much of my creative thinking, and maybe, just maybe, I can work on something new...


linda said...

ces images sont magnifiques..

Darlyn (Your Move, Dickens) said...

Congratulations on selling your pieces. Your photos are beautiful. :)