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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Showers...and wind...

Collage #1, 4/15/2011

Collage #4, 4/15/2011

Collage #2, 4/15/2011

Collage #3, 4/15/2011

Colts foot, 4/15/2011
It's Winds-day...the sun has popped out from the clouds tonight making everything golden and green...mallard duck heads shimmer so boldly in this light...today is a sneezy day too, the pussy willow toes have gone to flower today, which sort of makes me sad that they're coming to an end so soon, yet glad that we're moving closer to warmer weather...the colts foot has pushed through the debris to poke their sunny yellow faces toward the sky...

I've had a "time"...I was hiked into the ER by my Fred on Friday night (4/15) because I had a very bad pain in my lower right side that wrapped around to my lower back, which was accompanied by sciatic nerve pain that I was already dealing with all week...yes, it was VERY bad, and it was a bit scary. It was determined that I might've had an ovarian cyst burst...tho' my sonogram was described as "unremarkable"...well, of course it would if the darn thing already burst and went on its way by the time you took a looky-loo with the wand...these things happen, but there will be follow-ups to the follow-ups and double check with this one, call that one... cover all the bases, cross 't's' dot 'i's'...enough already...no one really knows or can really explain to me what happened to cause the pain. I'm okay now, still a bit crampy there in the right side, still gimping around with sciatic nerve pain, but nothing like that night...I was released that night and tucked into my own bed by midnight, although I know it wasn't much ado about nothing because it hurt like the devil, it certainly feels like it now...it's a mystery to me what's going on under the hood...
Crouching Tigger-Hidden Pooh revisiting the barn, pondering faint memories of being very wee once, and now he is a very tubby tabby, 13 years young...

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