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Sunday, April 3, 2011

April at last...

Abstraction, 4/2/2011

Early April, collage, 4/2/2011

Pale Leaf, 4/2/2011

Leaf on Stone, 4/2/2011

Overlapping Debris, 4/2/2011

Chives, old and new, 4/2/2011
It's still cold, and we still have some stubborn snow on the ground in those shady areas of the acre. The pussy willow toes have been out testing the chill air...good thing they're fuzzy, right? They're still tiny and tight on their twiggy limbs. I'm still photographing the flattened debris...there are some little spikes of green life poking through, the chives, tulips, daffodils, crocus, iris and tiger lilies...but nothing blooming up here yet, things down below us in the city are well ahead of us up here on the hilltop...that's fine, we get spring a little longer, my lilacs will still be blooming when everyone else's have turned brown.The sun is shining, and I'm feeling better today than I have the whole week, another FMS flare-up has complicated my week, but I just go with it as best as I can (tho' on Friday I could barely stand being in my own skin.) Whatever, right? I just keep going forward...

I'm working on Fishbowl again, reading through Part I, tightening up things here and there, last time through I was taking out parts that were bugging me, reworking them, putting them back, and now I'm working out any ragged edges that were left behind. I found one in chapter 11 yesterday afternoon, I nearly pitched the whole chapter out of frustration, but after some thought, I didn't...I'll need to think it through a little more...problem solving, it's what I do, and I know that what I make of it will be just right...it feels good to be writing.

Tomorrow morning, my Fred and I are going to be on television (WSYR Ch 9, "Bridge Street" 10-11AM) promoting the CNY Art Showcase, the auction is on Friday...it should be fun.

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