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Sunday, March 13, 2011

March debris collages...

Inside (bark), 3/11/2011
Debris Collage, 3/11/2011
Husk (wild cucumber), 3/11/2011
Emerging from snow, 3/11/2011
Stone and Grass, 3/11/2011
Collage, 3/11/2011
Rotten (wood), 3/11/2011
Collage, 3/11/2011
I went out for about a half hour walking the acre yesterday with my little point n' shoot, and found tons of things emerging from the melting snow to photograph! Over 100 images later, I sat processing the good ones, deleting the blurry ones, and muttering "Oooo, that's cool, oooo, pretty! (Euuu, that one has bunny poo.)" A very productive bit of tromping around. It's snowing again this morning, but just a dusting, I'm going to wander over to the flooded places in the low places to look for ice formations...the acre has been busy with migrating birds arriving, the blackbirds are very noisy! It feels good hearing them...spring is coming!

My Fred and I should be wrapping up the last go through of our art book, I've made some minor changes, and there's one photo of a small painting that I want to replace...very exciting putting together our own art book...

Other news, we're participating in the CNY Art Showcase auction on April 8th, 2011, which is an annual fundraiser put together by the Rotary Club of Eastwood to raise money for various organizations, this year their focus is Saint Joseph's Hospital...the catalog arrived on Friday and my little photo that I'm donating this year is featured on the front cover! I selected the photo and a drawing for the fundraiser.

My Conversation with Georgia, 2010
Lumina #2, 2008

And...my Fred and I have been asked to be featured artists on a local television show "Bridge Street", the week of the auction...we'll see how that goes...I'll post a link once it's done. (Fun stuff!)

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Pat said...

Wonderful photos, as always. I do enjoy how you see the world. And Mr Butters is too cute to stand. We get sucked into the cuteness of kittens and then they grow and we have become so attached that we don't see that they are grown. For about two years, I called my cats "the kittens". I just didn't see that they were grown. Oh how we deceive ourselves.
I will look forward to your video. That is splendid.