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Sunday, November 7, 2010

November...sun, gray, frost and snow all in one day...

Viola Leaves... there is such beauty even in death...these dead leaves are so delicate, I must've snapped off at least fifty photos just in this spot of my garden where the mayflower viola's grow...

Grape Leaves

Frosted Chicory

Grape Leaves Tangle

Sunshine through mock orange leaf...happily, I caught the glow!


Moody November, a bittersweet time of year... the smell of snow in the air last night, flurries in the air...the ground this morning sugar coated with a mix of snow and spikes of frost...I went out with Max and my camera at the time that was once 8AM and now 7AM (dang I need to adjust to this too! I really wish they'd just leave it alone, compromise, set it in the middle and let it be.) The sun was up over the ridge and the last of the clinging leaves were drifting from the trees, blue jays swooping in the feeder, a chipmunk scurrying for her share...the crow watching from the top of the highest tree, gleaming black in the morning light (she wants a peanut)...my walk was done as soon as I ran out of memory on my camera...oops, my fault, I should've emptied it yesterday after the download...so I missed the rest of the acre wrapped in its shimmering frost...another morning will come...


The Blue Bookcase is having a Literary Blog Hop, asking bloggers to ~ Please highlight one of your favorite books and why you would consider it "literary." 

On my side bar I have posted my favorite literary fiction novel by Joyce Carol Oates, Bellefleur, and the review that I wrote back in 2002 for Amazon. This book is a literary classic, it has everything and the kitchen sink going on in there, it has gorgeous language, and it is timeless...readers either adore it or despise it...they might read it multiple times or pitch it across the room within the first five pages...I can pick it up again and read it cover to cover and love it more.

If you read literary fiction then perhaps you would like to join?


Amy said...

That's what I love about November! :-)

I haven't read that Oates book. I have mixed feelings about her. Some of her books I've loved, others have definitely inspired a "meh" response.

Liza said...

I love your photos.