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Friday, May 21, 2010

SHE'S HERE! Dusty Waters has a "sister"...

They are two peas from a pod, but as different as night and day...

I'm absolutely thrilled to have her at last! She arrived yesterday morning, and I've been spending some quiet time looking her over (in a sense counting all her fingers and toes.) It's just amazing holding this book in my hands, it's magical...yet oddly enough, I felt sad. Weird, but true. When I think about it a significant chunk of my life happened during the writing of this one book, paging through it and reading the story there's the baggage of the years, the joy, the frustrations, the agonizing, the relief. She might not be perfect...but she's here at last, and I'm pleased to share The Fractured Hues of White Light with you.

In a few days time, she'll be for sale through Amazon.com, but for now, my e-store at Createspace is up and running for sales...I currently have none in hand (just my precious little proof)...so I'll be stocking up a few copies for future giveaways... Oy vey, I'll have my little hands full getting the word out and getting her placed in various online venues during the next few days...

It's a beautiful thing.


Shelley said...

Congratulations Laura - she's gorgeous!

Linda said...

Congratulations! Another labor of love sees the light. I'll look forward to reading.

Lisa said...


I saw your "Class Notes" in the Caz College Magazine. I was totally blown away to see you there! Somehow I managed to search and find your blog. So happy to find that you are doing what you love, loving what you do and are successful at it. Your artwork, from the limited view I have on my PC, is amazing!

So sorry to hear that you have fibromyalgia. I too suffer from nerve related issues.

Do you remember playing "She's So Cold" by the Stones for me on Caz radio? I will never forget it!

Would love to hear from you sometime.

Be well.

Lisa Collins Irvine

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

Thanks Shelley and Linda! I'm working on the "Buzz" for the book, and now getting back to work on other projects, I feel "released" now that the book is out on her own!

Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by, I heard from Bob Greene the other day too! Oh, what fun, reconnecting with peeps I haven't seen or heard from in ages. I still love those old days at Caz best, good times and a lot of drama. I loved having the radio show, I played lots of requests for people, can't remember all of 'em, but "She's so Cold" was a goodie at the time and it meant a lot to me to play special songs for my friends, how cool you remember me doing that for you! Keep in touch! L-

Pat said...

Congratulations! You must feel fulfilled. Quite an impressive display.
I'm impressed!.