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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Surfaces and textures...

The Skin of a Rock

I've been playing around with a bunch of photos that I took earlier this month...I love trying to trim them down to the narrowest or tightest view...the more abstract the better...and today I was thinking of these surfaces as "skin"...

The Skin of a Leaf

The Melting Skin of Ice on Asphalt

The Skin of A Tree

On Friday morning, my little kitty Picky-Picky (who is 12 years old going on 13) suddenly became very ill from a urinary tract infection and thankfully, after a visit with Dr. Tom, she seems to be getting better, she's on 2 antibiotics, a steroid, and a prescription diet, so her appetite has returned (steroids tend to make them eat everything in sight, including the fuzz off the floor) and she's talking again (she always announces herself when she wakes up from a nap)...but she's not yet out of the woods, she's got a long recovery ahead. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it's just a very bad infection and nothing else. She's a tough little kitty girl, she holds her own around those fat tabby boys pretty well (she's the only girl, all the rest are boys.)

She's resting comfortably in her favorite basket by the woodstove...a toy mouse keeping her company.

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