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Thursday, June 25, 2009


I sat on my porch to get this shot of the little buzzer coming to the feeder...I kept the camera balanced on my stomach just above my laptop keyboard, so there was very little movement on my part to turn it on and snap the picture...this is the little lady from the nest...

Later on, looking through my dining room window, I saw her again at the milkweed (most folks would pull them as weeds, I like them for the critters who feed on them...I pull them before the seed pods pop...I think the flowers are pretty too...)

At nigh twilight, along came Mr. Ruby Throat...he buzzed there for a very long time, I kept snapping pictures from the window, then suddenly, I lost track of him in my viewer...looked up AND THERE HE WAS! Staring at me through the window giving me the stink-eye, he knew I was there, and he looked pissed, the evening sun caught the color on his throat so he looked really impressive, but I didn't get a picture of him because I was so startled (I screamed a little). My goodness...then he zipped away.

I received my box of new copies of Dusty Waters this morning (YAY!)

Tonight is the opening of Price Check: Syracuse, the group show we're in at the Delavan Art Gallery...can't wait!

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