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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bee Balm or Creepy Space Aliens...I want to believe...

Yes, I want to believe that the weather will get better so the rest of my garden will take off...grow more than weeds...I love bee balm...it just like a creepy space alien...and it's so dang gorgeous...my hummingbirds are waiting...tapping their tiny toes (listen lady, we came all this way for this garden and it's just taking for-EVER to bloom)...sorry, any day now kids...we need another string of hot days...warm nights...if there's a little more sun tomorrow...getting so close to popping out their spindly red legs!

The bunnies finished off my brussel sprouts...poop.

Busy editing The Fractured Hues of White Light today...I had chapters 3 and 13 open, side by side...my character Sylvester was talking to Jacob...it needed to be done...there was just this spot that bugged me in chapter 3, something needed to be said, and it wasn't being said, and okay...it was sort of said in 13, but it really needed to be moved to chapter 3, and something in chapter 3 needed to be moved to chapter 13, so...word juggling...it's part of the fun of being a writer...and the book only gets better from the extra effort, and I'm happy as can be about what I just did to it today...and then this also got me back to thinking about my big fat epic Washed Glass, which I plan to work on this winter (gotta have something to look forward to while the snow is up to my ass and no garden to play in...)

I'm in the process of starting a give away of Dusty Waters through Good Reads, as soon as I figure out what I gotta do...if there's anything more I gotta do in this shameless self-promotion effort, I'll get 'er done and keep you posted!

Max didn't like this little bug buzzing around him on the porch the other day, his little tongue is sticking out here because he just showed it his teeth (tho' he didn't bark), ears in full bloom...cool looking buggy-boo...
The pattern reminds me of a tribal mask...nifty...it escaped from Max, I gave the pup something else to think about before he smacked it with his paw or chewed on it...he was getting pretty upset with it "teasing" him...

One of my roses finally bloomed...darn fussy things...I love 'em tho'!


Anonymous said...

great photos of the flowers! the rose would make a great book cover.

Pat said...

The self-promotion part is like voting for yourself. It is a good thing. If you believe, then we will follow you.
Your "bee balm: is beautiful.

Sustenance Scout said...

Lots of beautiful photos! So glad I followed your post on my blog back to yours (again!). Hoping the weather in your neck of the woods clears out soon! K.