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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Poe-em

My lilacs...the buds...but the buds have gotten bigger since I took this photo on Friday...I'm glad the weather cooled down...things were popping too fast, too soon...my daffodils that JUST bloomed on Friday were ruined by Monday when it hit 90 degrees in the shade here on my acre...oy vey!

Anyway...spring has sprung, it's the last day of April...

I thought I put up a little poe-em...just because...why not? Ahem...

Full moon rising, the end of summer
A picnic feast, I see the endless blue horizon
and the haze—
Oh, I love the haze! What I would give for lack luster days—
Days bored out of my gourd with nothing to do.
Do and do over, everything—
Yes, everything—wait, but not all of everything,
there are many things,
Things worth keeping as they are.
The way things are, we smile and we laugh.
I stab my potato salad with my fork and gaze up,
up at the benign twilight sky—
The sky is fraught with the barn swallow air show—
Show offs! They swoop and dive, soaring,
soaring little masters of flight—
I’ll take flight! Thinking I could step out,
out into that cornfield, to disappear forever lost—
Lost and tormented by coyotes,
The coyotes persistent yapping,
Yapping and snapping so very nearly,
nearly driving me mad—Mad,
madness, ah, but I’ve got shit to do, so I better not—
It’s not worth the trouble.
The trouble is the moon—
the moon rising orange in the haze, big and full—
Full. I stare at my empty plate, I ate too much—
Much too much, I give my mind over to others,
others, not myself, for eight hours a day—
day after day, five days a week,
the week ends, the week begins,
begins again, it’s the cycle of my life—
Life. I get up and run into the cornfield—
The cornfield! I love its scent—
The sweet scent of things growing tall,
tall green stalks, husks and silk,
I am hidden from the world—
The world revolves, I walk following the moon—
The moon, pale orange, hazy indigo sky will guide me home again—
Again, I will find myself this time.

Well, that's it...yup, it's one of mine, I wrote it back in June 2000, and just recently revisited and revised...it just seems right for now...this poem is the early tremors for my new novel Layers of Illusion...it's simmering on the back burner while I work on other things...

One of the Daffodils before the heat killed it. Dang, they were so pretty too!

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