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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Journal entry

Willy Big looking at me upside-down...

What Gets Your Goat?
That my insurance company denied my MRI back in November because they didn't believe my three numb toes were enough evidence to bother...my new insurance company okayed it in March, and I have a herniated disk in my back. I'm pissed and in pain, I'm not a happy camper.

What am I doing right now?

Tucked in bed with my heating pad on my sore back, laptop in lap. A fat tabby has a paw on my knee, another fat tabby is lounging nearby, and my faithful dog is staring at me with hopeful ears anticipating his after dinner walkies...

What's the weather at the acre?

It's snowing sideways and the wind is howling too (just like January revisited, WTF?) The crocuses that looked so sweet yesterday are purple mush in the slush.

What music has my interest lately?

Metric, an alternative band that my Fred discovered online, and ever since, I've been shopping for all of their CD's. I just got their new album Fantasies as an MP3 download this week, it's awesome...I particularly love the songs Help I'm Alive and Gimme Sympathy, they rock! Visit their MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/metric

What did I accomplish today?

I did our taxes. We're getting money back.
I updated my other Blog Follow Your Bliss...posted pictures of some bones of the earth...
Did some shameless self promotion of Dusty Waters...

What am I working on (creatively)?

I'm editing chapter 9 of The Fractured Hues of White Light (I totally love this book!)

What books I'm reading these days (other than my own)?

The World of Pooh, A. A. Milne (a comfort book that I've had since I was very young and was sick with one of the childhood diseases.)

This one just arrived in the mail today: The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates 1973-1982 (for inspiration)

What's for dinner?

Leftover takeout Chinese food. I think someone threw out my egg roll by mistake. Dang.

Any plans tonight?

I'm going to watch tonight's movie on PBS's Classic Movie Night is Inherit the Wind
and I'll work on some nifty little bits of artwork...
Do some very gentle yoga for my back.

Who'd you rather be, The Beatles or The Rollin' Stones?
-Metric, Gimme Sympathy

Willy Big on the doggy bed, he has some serious belly fuzz...he's plush like a stuffed animal...but weighs about 12lbs...once upon a time, he was Willy Little...

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