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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

This is me, suited up in my apron for the 'Busy Day-Before-Christmas', hair tamed into pig-tails...

...my silly boy Charlie Chowder wants to help me make kitty toys!

That's a lot of catnip, lady, you've been holding out!

All packages are wrapped, cookies baked, and new kitty toys made...catnip everywhere...

Old Argyle socks, a generous amount of catnip inside, and yarn to tie off segments...I believe it's a relative of Nessi and it came from a Scottish Loch...the cats will love it!

This is a house of Tubby Tabbies...so I had to make the appropriate cookies...

Laura's Christmas Cookies

I love these cookies, they’re special, loaded up with happy memories of Christmas’s past... Mom always made them, and we had an assembly line at the kitchen table while decorating them…we’d come home from college looking forward to the cookie decorating ritual…and now that the baking has fallen to me, I have been known to pack some unfrosted cookies with the necessary decorations for my siblings and mom to indulge…

The recipe:

3 cups sifted flour

1 cup sugar

2tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

½ cup margarine (Blue Bonnet has been the old standby)

½ cup vegetable oil (older recipe calls for ½ cup of Crisco)

3 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

Mix the sugar, eggs, oil, margarine, and vanilla together.

Sift together flour, baking powder, and salt.

Slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet until well mixed.

Chill dough (overnight is best) if it's not chilled properly the dough is very sticky!

Roll out dough on flour covered wax paper, with flour covered hands, and flour covered rolling pin, and cut into favorite holiday shapes with cookie cutters (also well floured).*WARNING this is the tricky part, these special cookies have been known as the “F*****g Christmas Cookies” because of this part of the process, even after being chilled overnight the dough can still be sticky, be liberal with flour to prevent the urge to curse while rolling and cutting!*

Bake @ 375 degrees

8-10 minutes on an ungreased cookie sheet

Decorate after cooling with favorite frosting (even a cream cheese frosting goes well with these!)

As you can see from the photo...I'm not kidding about the flour!

Done! And Yum!

The wind is blowing like mad out there tonight, and it feels balmy like spring, and the snow has become the consistency of mashed potatoes...time to get cozy...

Just in case you didn't believed me when I said so, here's the evidence...yes, I do drink my Guinness from a Daffy Duck glass...

Oh, it's so good!

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